Source Tactical Kangaroo 1-Liter Collapsible Canteen Hydration System with Pouch, Multicam

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Product Features

  • 1-liter collapsible canteen with durable pouch equipped with MOLLE attachment system
  • Taste-free reservoir with Widepac easy-access opening
  • Non-bite Storm push-pull valve for straw-like drinking; angled design for less tubing
  • Drinking tube with Cool Weave cover blocks UV light and insulates; compatible with QMT accessories
  • Reservoir is free-standing when full, folds flat when empty
Price: $56.93
(as of 01/24/2021 04:22 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The 1-liter Kangaroo collapsible canteen from Source Tactical is a modular hydration system that works where back-mounted systems often do not. This package includes the 1-liter Kangaroo reservoir and a heavy duty pouch equipped with a MOLLE attachment system that allows for easy mounting onto a vest or rucksack. The Kangaroo reservoir features Source’s Glass-Like Film that’s smoother than standard TPU films with virtually no difference from glass itself, preventing bio-film build up and making the system virtually self-cleaning. And the bladder retains a pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor. Utilizing an FDA-approved and EPA-registered anti-microbial agent, Grunge Guard Technology inhibits bacteria growth on the reservoir and drinking tube surfaces for the life of the system. The user-friendly Widepac slide closure (with airtight seal) provides an extra-wide opening for easy filling, cleaning, draining, and ice insertion, and it includes a handle for easy carrying. All Source hydration systems are BPA and phthalate free. It comes with the high-flow Storm valve, a push-pull system that’s like drinking from a straw. Source has been a groundbreaker in hydration system technology and is also well known for its tactical gear and hiking sandals. Tested in the most extreme conditions, hundreds of thousands of Source hydration systems are in use in the field.