UTG Sport Gen 5 Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle, OD Green

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Product Features

  • Superior Performance with New Gen Bolt and Reinforced Safety
  • Extremely High Metal Contents, Including Barrel, Bolt/Cocking, Trigger and Lots More
  • Long Range High Power Pin-Point Accuracy Performance, Spare Magazine
  • This product is restricted from shipment into the state of New York
  • Please refer the User Manual under Product Description.
(as of 04/21/2024 02:11 UTC - Details)

Product Description

UTG Airsoft Gen5 Master Sniper – With Reinforced Safety, New Gen Bolt, Spare Mag, Double Picatinny Rails, Spring Operated Speedloader, UTG Rifle Sling with Non-slip Grip and UTG Shorty Picatinny Mount Foldable Bipod With Posi-Lock Feature – OD Green.

1.       Breakage of the spring guide, the bolt handle, or the piston associated with the trigger assembly

However, we want to point out that the majority of the user errors resulting in breakage of the spring guide, the bolt handle or the piston, which is associated with the trigger assembly.


·         Short stroking the bolt when attempting to pull it back to the rear resulting in a failure to properly cock the rifle, resulting in the user letting go of the bolt too early and the bolt slams forward from being under spring tension back into the receiver. This weakens/damages parts fasts.

·         The bolt is not pulled straight to the back and straight forward back into the receiver, resulting in warped or bent cylinders, which will impact how the spring guide, bolt handle, and piston function. Usually an occurrence when the user does not know how to properly work the action of a bolt action rifle or does not have the strength to overcome the spring tension smoothly

·         Once bolt is pulled to the rear and properly cocked, users slam the bolt back to its original position too forcefully. This weakens/damages parts fasts.

·         Once bolt is pulled to the rear and properly cocked, users accidentally pull the bolt handle down before pushing the bolt back into the receiver resulting in broken bolt handles and severe damages to the whole bolt assembly


SOFT-M324SG-B and other variants Troubleshoot


Probable Cause

What to look for


Rifle will not cock when bolt is pulled back,
results in Slam Firing

Trigger sear/piston head improper interaction

Examine trigger sear and piston for wear,
damages or deformities

Contact the manufacturer for replacement trigger assembly

Grinding noise or heavy resistance
when bolt is pulled back

Spring guide rod failure

Examine spring guide rod for breakage

Replace spring guide rod (whole cylinder)


Another reminder to the users is that the strength of certain parts of the rifle may be affected in extreme temperature changes (during transportation).  Please kindly advise customers to contact Leapers/UTG customer service team for immediate warranty support. Our service team phone number is 1-734-542-1500 (9-6 EST).