Tactical Survival

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Steven Varnell, the author of the acclaimed book Criminal Interdiction, has created another incredible survival guide for all. Tactical Survival was published as the number of police officers killed in America keeps increasing. The author has explored the top eleven areas of police work responsible for these deaths. They are dissected into an intensive and precise manual for learning the essential response tactics. Each is it’s own chapter, streamlined, and with bullet points for easy access by the reader. Steven Varnell carefully exposes the actions in an easy to understand fashion with topics like foot pursuits, hands on combat, knife defense, firearms, weapons/ammunition selections, and much more. Everyone that reads Tactical Survival will walk away with a powerful understanding of self protection. Whether it is on the streets of this country or in the defense of your family and home, take the offensive lessons from this book and live. Tactical Survival is written by one of the most experienced interdiction officers anywhere. This experience shines through again with his second book of what has been described by many as “a must read” requirement for law enforcement and the public alike.