Sneek EZ Sneek Scrubs – Sound Eliminating Camo Hunting Gear For Over Your Clothing (Pants, XL)

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Product Features

  • Designed To Go Over Existing Clothing Or Used By Itself To Eliminate Your Sound
  • Mossy Oak Camo Cloaks You Into Your Surroundings!
  • Locking Zipper Head Reduces Noise. Full Front Zipper On Jacket & Lower Zipper On Pants Make It Easy To Slip Over Clothes & Boots
  • Includes Mesh Stuff Sack!
  • Exlusive Silent Suede Materials Create A Sound and Scent Barrier Between You & Your Environment!
(as of 10/31/2020 12:56 UTC - Details)

Product Description

SneekTec’s Sneek Suit

SneekTec has finally entered the stage to control your sound. Sneek Suits are made of our Silent Suede material which removes the noise of clothing rubbing against clothing, gear or surroundings. As you start focusing on reducing your noise in the woods, you will find that the two most prevalent noises are foot fall and clothing. SneekTec has developed Sneek Suits to accompany Sneek Boots in eliminating noise. Put yourself on the same playing field as the game you hunt this season by sliding on your Sneek Suit and becoming a part of nature.

Sneek Suits are equipped with the finest Mossy Oak camo to allow the hunter to blend in with his surroundings. Go after your game utilizing both noise and sight to your advantage. We are confident you’ll experience a difference!

Easily slip your Sneek Suit over your existing clothing and even use the side zipper on your pants to reach into inside pockets if you feel more secure leaving valuable in those pockets. Once your done sneaking around the hills, simply pack them back into our small mesh stuff sacks for easy storage!

Be twice as quite this hunting season by simply slipping on our Sneek Suit and our Sneek Boots!

If you’re ready to be quieter and more successful this hunting season click the “add to cart button” at the top of your screen now!