GM CLIMBING Aluminum Rappel Ring Small Pack of 5

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Product Features

  • SEAMLESS FORGING: GM aluminum rappel ring forged by seamless technique is of solid construction with rating to 25kN / 5600lb breaking strength.
  • 360 ALL-ROUND: Beautifully round shape gives the ring strength to withstand forces from all directions. You will no longer worry about improper loading direction.
  • SMOOTH ROPE PULL: Ring's thick radius avoids stuck ropes while pulling. Small Ring-11.5mm; Large Ring-12mm.
  • MULTIFUNCIONAL: Rappel ring helps in creating connection point or anchors for textile or other connectors in rescue, tree care, arborist, rock climbing, trolley system, SRT, slackline system, etc. to make the work area neat and safe.
  • CONVENIENT: Light and compact rappel ring is easy to carry and takes up almost no place in your rack.
Price: $19.75
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Product Description


Available in two sizes to satisfy various needs
Different anchor system requires different size of rings.
Some need larger ring to create multiple attachment systems.
Some need small one to create more control on the rope slack and tighten.

Get prepared of several rappel rings in your rack for bail-out
The very first application of rappel ring is as a simple belay device in bail-out when other belay device is NOT available.
Light and compact, rappel ring is easy to carry on a harness and quickly to be attached.
ATTENTION: Rappel rings are not intended for repeated rappelling or lowering.

More applications are discovered by enthusiasts of outdoor sports
Aluminum rappel ring, seamless forged and with rating to 25kN / 5600lb breaking strength ( equals 2.5 ton).
Due to these qualities, rings are widely used in wherever anchor of multiple attachments are required, like hammock setting, slack line system, tree care, rescue, mountaineering, lifeline, most SRT system, etc.

Material: Aluminum
Closed Strength: 5600lbs / 25kN
Large ring is about 1inch in diameter bigger than small ring
Small Rappel Ring
Color: Blue
Inner Diameter: 2.6CM / 1in – Outside Diameter: 5.1CM / 2in
Net weight: 38g / 1.34Oz /pcs
Large Rappel Ring
Color: Gold
Inner Diameter: 4.5CM / 1.77in – Outside Diameter: 6.9cm / 2.7in
Net weight: 55g / 1.94Oz /pcs