Everyday Carry: 5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack

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    Everyday Carry: 5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack by Max Cooper covers all the main aspects of effectively using a 5.11 PUSH Pack as your everyday carry platform. 5.11 Tactical is known worldwide for quality products that are durable, practical, and have excellent workmanship. This book reviews all of the aspects of the PUSH Pack to include information on the variety of pockets, the authors EDC content, modifications and how to draw a weapon from the concealed carry compartment. Cooper discusses, in detail, the 5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack and reviews EDC items of gear that you can consider based on your unique and individualized needs. Contingent on your individual EDC philosophy you can then build a customized 5.11 PUSH Pack that will fit your needs. An emergency or crisis situation can happen at a moment’s notice. You are either prepared or you are not – there is very limited middle ground. Everyday Carry: 5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack is about providing options and to improve your decision making ability to know and understand the cost/benefit ratio of every piece of EDC gear that you decide to put into your 5.11 PUSH Pack. This work contains insightful and relevant information based on years of EDC experience. This is a must have book for your preparedness resource library.