Covenov Multifunction Military Camouflage Rain Poncho Rainwear Packable Raincoat

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Product Features

  • ✔ 1.Multifunctional rain cape, is not only a poncho, started as a tent, moistureproof pad, suitable for a variety of outdoor activities
  • ✔ 2.Single design, light weight, small volume,easy carry compressible poncho
  • ✔ 3.High quality scratch-resistant rain cape,stable and durable,Long term use is not fade
  • ✔ 4.Wilderness survival and camouflage effect is obvious,Sunny shade cloth can be used,Rain can be used for raincoats, Outdoor sports necessary
  • ✔ 5.100% Waterproof nylon raincoat,PVC coating,Breathable, anti leakage
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Product Description

when fully deployed,length:82″,width:57″
when worn on the body,lenght:41″,width:57″
Suitable for all adults
This is a versatile camouflage poncho, I love the outdoors, love sports, love essential artifact for travelers. The poncho can be used for outdoor survival, jungle hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities. Lightweight, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, wear-resistant, comfortable, no delamination, in eventually becoming aging, waterproof performance, camouflage effect is obvious. Unique design, personality and cool camouflage poncho.

it can not only be used as a raincoat, is a tent, moisture-proof mats, rain raincoat, shelter not get wet, change mats sunny, with a rope to do a small canopy, avoid the sun.

The new raincoat, the same paragraph in the original raincoat on, add zipper at the neckline, more convenient wearable, and size increase, more suitable for the majority of buyers.The products are used in computer seams sealed plastic process, carry out anti-leakage process technology, the storm does not wet clothes. It comes with rain hat, clothing and body have a row about two snaps, fasten it becomes sleeves, clothing foot stainless steel ring, free to the front and back legs tied to prevent the wind turned. Tiling When moisture mats, with a rope to do small day account.
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