CampBuddy Survival/Outdoor Multitool Set + Sheath

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Product Features

  • Unique combination of 12 essential functions - All tools needed for outdoor activities, survival training and emergency rescue, combined in one single tool for the very first time.
  • Outdoor tools for any situation - The CampBuddy multi-plier includes a pocket knife, serrated knife and a fire starter. Switching between the individual tools is quick and simple.
  • An everyday carry - Packaged food or beverages can be opened with the convenient can and bottle opener. The cross-head screwdriver and pliers together with the integrated wire cutter and stripper are perfect for repairs.
  • Tools for emergency rescue - Whether you carry your multipurpose tool in your car or on the job, the integrated belt cutter, glass breaker and whistle can save lives in an emergency.
  • Top quality and reliability - The CampBuddy multitool is made of stainless steel with a carbide glass breaker tip. This multi-tool is tough enough to withstand even extreme use.
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Product Description

The right tool for the job, whenever it is needed. At only 9.6 ounces, the CampBuddy multi-tool combines 12 of the most essential and frequently used functions in one single tool. Together with the nylon sheath, this multi-tool provides great functionality in any survival or emergency situation – at a combined weight of only 11.6 ounces.

The multi-tool can be folded to a size of 5 x 1.8 x 0.8 inches – this makes it easy to store and carry around, even without the belt sheath. Each individual tool can be unfolded depending on the situation. And once you are finished, you can simply fold them up again. The cross-head screwdriver as well as the fire starter and whistle can be completely removed from the tool’s handle. This allows you to carry and use them separately.

The multi-tool comes in handy wherever you go – cut branches with the serrated blade or remove scrubs with the knife to clear your camping grounds in no time. Use the glass breaker to smash the window of a crashed car and use the belt cutter to free the occupants in order to save lives in an emergency. Ignite your charcoal grill with the fire starter and get ready for the barbecue by opening a bottle of beer with the bottle opener.

In order to execute all of these functions reliably and in a secure manner, the CampBuddy multi-tool is made from high-grade black burnished 420 stainless steel. Its safe bolting guarantees a long lifespan and unrestricted functionality. The nylon belt sheath is water-repellent and protects your CampBuddy multi-tool from dirt and dust while always keeping it at hand.