BlackHawk Carbon-fiber SERPA Holster, BLACK, SIG 220/226

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Product Features

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Product Description

BlackHawk Carbon – fiber SERPA Holster is top – gun quality! Defending U.S. soil takes more than the right training… it takes the right equipment. This military and law enforcement-quality Holster is designed for one smooth, quick motion… forget old-fashioned thumb breaks that slow your draw and complicate reholstering. The SERPA lock lets you draw the weapon quickly while establishing a full grip from start to finish. The patented SERPA lock engages the trigger guard as you holster the pistol using only one hand and won’t let go until you release it. The release is made using your normal drawing motion, with the trigger finger beside the holster body. 5-position cant for versatility. Comes with belt loop and paddle platforms… a great value! All right handed. State Color and Model. For the most innovative holster on the market… order now! BlackHawk Carbon-fiber SERPA Holster