Balaclava Heavyweight Fleece Cold Weather Face Neck Mask (Black)

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Product Features

  • Full face cover balaclava hood style ski mask. Balaclava can be worn as a full face ski mask to stay warm in cold weather. This full face ski mask has 1 hole that is adjustable for half face or full face cover. Also windproof so this makes the best motorcycle balaclava as well. A great all-in-one mask for cold weather
  • This balaclava full face ski mask is made of a soft lucious fleece material, almost like wool. A balaclava full face ski mask is perfect for long periods of use. One size fits most.
  • This balaclava is equipped with 2 black knit strings to easily adjust a half face or full face cover. You can choose how you want to cover your face for skiing or other activities. Makes a great motorcycle balaclava as well for cold weather and windproof.
  • Quality materials assure that these full face balaclava masks will stand up to any cold weather conditions it's put through when skiing, riding a motorcycle, and more. Unisex headgear, one size fits most. Available in 9 different colors!
  • 100% Money back manufacturer's warranty included when purchased from an authorized Super Z Outlet reseller.
Price: $8.99
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Product Description

Balaclava full face mask is the best winter clothing for cold weather. A running mask for cold weather is needed to stay warm, not only half face or full face but keep your neck warmer with a balaclava. Even works for extreme cold weather, add this ski mask to your bag of extreme cold weather gear along with your extreme cold weather socks, extreme cold weather gloves, and other extreme cold weather clothing to go along with your cold weather gear. If you love riding motorcycles in cold weather then you need this fleece full face mask balaclava. A fleece motorcycle balaclava works the same as a tactical balaclava, could be a balaclava for kids. Kids balaclava would work with both half face and full face mask as a ski mask. Balaclava mask or fleece balaclava hood, whatever you want to do with it you can be sure that these face masks for cold weather will keep you warm. Great for anyone who needs a running mask for cold weather, a running face mask can help keep your full face and half face and neck warmer. If you don’t need protection on your nose, use as a half face mask and get into your cold weather sleeping bag after taking off your cold weather boots. No more shivering in cold weather with this balaclava hood, the perfect motorcycle balaclava, cold weather running gear, fleece running face mask, ski mask, women face mask, and face mask hoodie. Balaclava face mask is the best motorcycle balaclava and tactical balaclava for any activities in cold weather to combine with other cold weather gear.

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