AYL TC80 4-In-1 LED Flashlight CREE – Tactical Emergency Nightlight – Telescoping Aluminum Body, Magnetized Base – Water Resistant Handheld Spotlight For Work, Auto, Camping, Garage – Battery Powered

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Product Features

  • VERSATILE 4-IN-1 TELESCOPING BODY: Lightweight and compact, the AYL TC80 flashlight features a 180 degree extendable/retractable body for precision lighting coverage. Thanks to its ideal size, it can be effortlessly handheld and carried where it's needed the most, be it while working in the garage, exploring the outdoors, or during emergencies or power outages, lighting up your surroundings and helping you stay safe in the dark.
  • SUPER BRIGHT LED, SUPERIOR LOW LIGHT VISION: With a high-performing, CREE XP-E R3 LED on its front, as well as 3W COB LED, 15 RED Blinking LED lights across its body, our tactical flashlight will provide powerful illumination, spanning over 300+ feet from its front LED.
  • HANDS-FREE MANUVERABILITY: A powerful magnetic base lets you attach your pocket flashlight to any metal surface giving you full vision in tight spots. Our flashlight's metal base comes in particularly handy when you are working in your workshop, garage or craft room, allowing you to maintain your full range of motion and perform all important tasks, such as restorations, renovations and handiwork, with unprecedented ease.
  • OUTDOOR DURABILITY: This high power LED flashlight is made with solid, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum that's both water and shock resistant and features a smooth, sleek alloy finish. FREE of any cheap coating or plastic parts, our flashlight is made to last and facilitates all-weather use. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, caught up in a flood or torrential rain, armed with the AYL TC80 flashlight, you'll never feel lost or hopeless.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Each battery powered flashlight is backed by our top-of-theline customer service, a promise for quality and a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. Don't Waste Another Minute Living In Fear, Purchase Your Very Own AYL TC80 Ultra Bright LED Tactical Flashlight NOW & Be Prepared At All Times!
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Product Description

Never let the dark keep you from having a clear vision of what’s ahead, what’s behind and what’s to come-get the AYL TC80 CREE LED flashlight today!

When the lights go down or an emergency strikes you don’t want to be stranded without a clear vision of what’s out there, especially if you’re camping, hunting or hiking through the mountains. The AYL TC80 4-in-1 Cree LED Flashlight is more than just your average regular flashlight; it offers a focused front beam, an extendable body for 180-degree cone lighting, a bright red blinking light for emergencies and a magnetic base to keep it stuck to metal surfaces so you can work hands free.

Multipurpose Versatility

From the extendable body with multiple light features and the magnetic base for convenient, hands-free operation, this unique mini lantern is great to keep in the glovebox of your car during long trips, your survival pack for camping, or even your kitchen drawer or bedroom side table should the power go out in the night.

If you live in areas particularly affected by tornados, storms or power outages, or you are an avid outdoors enthusiast, then you need to be prepared.Our flashlight’s special red light blinking feature can help make your presence known to passerby, in the event of a car accident, flat tire, or loss of orientation while hiking, camping or climbing, or during a mass-scale natural disaster.

Product features:

  • CREE XP-E R3 LED + PMMA Front Light Lens
  • 4-in-1 Telescoping Design
  • Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum
  • Front Point Light or Extend to 180-Degree Cone
  • Weather Safe, Water Resistant, Shock Resistant
  • Powered with AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Limited Life Time Guarantee

Stay ready for nighttime activities, emergencies or when the power goes out by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ now for your AYL TC-80 Cree LED Flashlight.