150 lbs Wizard Black Hunting Crossbow 4×32 Scope and 8 Arrows

Product Features

  • Powerful 150Lbs draw weight
  • Arrows travel up to 210 FPS
  • High-tech fiberglass limb
  • Aluminum barrel construction
  • Auto safety cocking mechanism design
(as of 01/23/2020 11:13 UTC - Details)

Product Description

ThisWizard Hunting Crossbowis light and compact, safe and reliable, and built like the proverbial brick outhouse. It is fully suitable for large game hunting. With our Starter Package, you get extra arrows/ bolts and 4×32 Sporting Rifle scope for your practicing purpose.The Hunting Crossbow features 150Lbs draw weight, and arrows can travel up to 210 FPS initial speed. If equipped with our extreme sharp 3-blades or 4-blades broadhead tips, you can hunt down a deer easily. Highlights:
Heavy duty hunting crossbow.
Powerful 150Lbs draw weight.
Arrows travel up to 210 FPS.
High-tech fiberglass limb.
Aluminum barrel construction.
Auto safety cocking mechanism design.
Very good accuracy for up to 60 yards.
Package Contents:
1 x150 lbs Heavy Duty Hunting Crossbow with 2 Arrows(14″ Body, 8mm, 14.75″ Total Length).
1 x Crossbow String.
1 x Footclaw.
1 x Crossbow Limb.
6 x Aluminum 14″ Bolts/Arrows(14″ Body, 8mm, 14.75″ Total Length).
1 x 4×32 Crossbow Scope.

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