GL-Sail(TM) Tungsten Steel Tactical Pen with LED Flashlight for Glass Breaker and Self-Defense Mutifunctional Emergent Tool (Black)

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Product Features

  • 1. Ultra-solid & Rugged Material Construction: Pen body material is made of Aviation aluminum 6061-T6,a kind of sturdy and solid steel material. Pen head material is made of High hardness and ultra durable stainless steel embedded tungsten steel,its hardness is above HR90.
  • 2. Regular Size as Other Normal Writing Pen: This black tactical pen is 6 inches long approximately and 10 ounces weight, just like regular pen size and weight. Unique design of the circular-grooved grip ensures smooth and comfortable writing.
  • 3. Most All-in-one Tactical Pen: Solid attack tip made of tungsten steel, could use for defending yourself from an unexpected attack; Tactical pen could be used as broken glass apparatus for quickly escaping from dangerous place under emergent and unexpected circumstance; Bright LED flashlight function could help you won't worry about when you are at dark place; High-strength precision rolling ballpoint pen, fluent writing.
  • 4. Easy to Carry on and Go through the Security Check: This tactical pen has the advantage of small size and portability, you can bring it with you everyday, everywhere. It won't be confiscated as a prohibited goods and weapons by security personnel, but go through the airport security check easily.
  • 5. General Utility Tool and Considerate Gift: It combines many function in one, it is a practical and high grade product. Delicate package proves that it is a perfect gift for you, your friends and family.
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Product Description

Material Specification:

Tungsten Steel for pen head

Aviation aluminum 6061-T6 for pen body

Three Major Practical Function of Tactical Pen:

a.It contains an Ultra Bright LED Bulb that will operate for over 10 consistent hours.(Button battery: LR754/AG5). And its light distance could reach 5 meters;

b. Its extinguished function is for breaking glass, tungsten-made attack tip help you break glass with little effort;

c. It could be used as a excellent disguised weapon against criminal for military personnel and policemen, as well as yourself, even if you know nothing about kickboxing because of its simplicity in use;


How to replace the refill?

Type: when the ink has run out, please purchase refill of Parker ink cartridge for ball-point pen, gel ink pen or other refills of same size.

Method:Unscrew the pen cap, remove the original tip and mechanical spring, take out the new refill, put the spring covering the refill and then put them back in the pen holder and tighten up the pen cap.

How to turn on/off the LED flashlight?

This tactical pen consists of six parts. From top to bottom the components are, in order, cylinder with flashlight lens, pen clip, cylinder with bulb, longer cylinder with battery, pen point holder with spring and refill and the pen cap with Tungsten Steel nib. Tighten the fourth part of the pen, that is to say, longer cylinder with battery to turn on light, loosen it to turn off.

How to replace the battery?

Unscrew the fourth part of the pen, longer cylinder with battery, take out the old battery put three new one in the same position of original one, when you finish, screw back.

Gentle Hint:Not for use by children and keep out of reach of children.