Best Tactical Pen for Self Defense – #1 Rated – Includes LED Flashlight, DNA Catcher, & Glass Breaker! (1 Pack)

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Product Features

  • HEAVY-DUTY & RUGGED BLACK ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION - The Official Under Control Tactical Pen is the #1 best self defense pen on the market. Bar none. Built to the highest military & police-grade specs.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR CONCEALMENT, SELF-DEFENSE, AND EVASIVE MANEUVERS - Your Awesome new tactical pen is multi-function and is the IDEAL size at just 6.5 inches long! Best of all, its finished in a rugged & industrial-grade matte black finish with no identifying logo (that would make it obvious that its a TACTICAL pen vs a regular writing pen 🙂
  • MOST FEATURE-PACKED TACTICAL PENS AVAILABLE - Your new tactical pen includes features not found on any other pens, including a super-bright white LED flashlight, a built-in DNA catch crown, an integrated glass breaker, a sharp & jagged end cap for self defense, a handy belt clip for easy access, and of course, an smooth-as-silk hidden writing pen! Get Yours Today!
  • SUPPORT OUR SMALL FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESS - Everyone who works in our small family business is committed to helping our valued customers, just like you, to protect the people that you love most. In fact, most of our customers specifically purchase the Official Under Control Tactical Pens to make sure they can protect their husbands, wives, small children, and other loved ones.
  • 100% TOTAL & COMPLETE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! - No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee. Shop with Absolute & Complete Confidence that you're making a very smart decision! Support our small family business of concerned citizens, just like you, not the big nameless & faceless corporations!
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Product Description

ATTENTION: If You’re Looking for the ULTIMATE Tactical Pen for Self Defense, Then You’ve Found It!

Without a doubt, the ORIGINAL Under Control Tactical Pen is the most sturdy, well-built, rugged, and conveniently-sized tactical pen for self defense that you’ve ever seen.

Seriously, we designed this pen to address the shortcomings in all of our “competitors” models, and here’s why ours is better:

– First, our pens are for “stealth” tactical use & self defense. That why we use an understated BLACK matte finish vs a bright & very noticeable silver finish (like our “competitors”), thats will absolutely get attention (which we don’t want).

Second, we DON’T include bright white lettering on the side of the pen/clip (like our “competitors”) that screams at police officers & security that this is a weapon 🙂 Ours looks like a pen.

– Third, our pens are actually designed to be comfortable to carry & in a convenient size & weight. Not too long, big or heavy (like our “competitors”). Just the perfect size and weight for day-to-day carrying & deadly-effective for their intended usages.

– Of course, our pens are built to the highest standards of quality & durability, not like many of our competitors “cheap” models, that can malfunction in times of crisis, when you need them most. Don’t risk your life, or the life of your friends and families by purchasing an inferior product. Only trust the ORIGINAL Under Control Tactical brand of tactical pens.

We’re so sure that you’ll love your new Official Under Control Tactical Pen that you’ll want to buy more than one!